Cyber Liability

Cyber insurance covers a range of expenses that can arise to include identifying and solving the breach, recovering data, Customer notifications, PR costs, possible credit monitoring and legal expenses, potential fines from compliance regulators, Extortion costs from ransomware.

Coverage’s that are provide with a Cyber Liability policy:

First - party coverage: Covers damages to business that suffers because of a cyber breach/attack. This can also include investigative services, business interruption and data recovery.

Third – party coverage: Covers damages if business customers or partners are affected by cyber attack. This can also include legal fees, settlement costs, security failures.

Cyber Crime: Covers damage due to illegal activity using digital means like cyber crime and extortion, Ransomeware, social engineering and phishing.

The Cyber Liability policies that we provide cover all three areas – the most comprehensive in the industry.

Cyber CrimeCyber Crime

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