Overseas Medical

GOING TO:  Canada, Mexico, Asia, Africa, Europe ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE USA!

Whether you are going for 2-days or several weeks/months this is an afforadable MUST have

major medical program to protect you while outside the USA .

Thank you for expressing interest in our Online Overseas Major Medical program.

This plan is designed to provide a convenient and efficient process for USA
residents who are applying for international travel medical coverage.

You can click the link at the bottom of the page and get a quote and policy issued online TODAY.

We hope you find the application process to be simple and straightforward
if you have any problems please call or email.  Minimal personal information
is required in order to complete the process and once completed, the policy
is instantly prepared and available to you for printing.  Along with the
policy, you get instant access to Medical ID Cards and a VISA letter of approval
to provide proof of insurance in the event it is required.

While this plan is used to satisfy a variety of needs and interests, some of
the most common uses include:

- Students studying abroad

- Executives traveling overseas on work assignments

- Travelers/Tourists who are vacationing outside the USA

- Families traveling abroad on sabbatical

- Missionaries traveling abroad to provide foreign aid

Click here to start the aplication process: https://online.piu.org/online_major_medical/index/JXMMZQ

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