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With gas prices soaring it is more important than ever to keep your vehicle running top notch.  With the economy the way it is today it is also more important than ever to make sure that you are paying the best price in getting those auto repairs.  To help our clients we have searched and searched to web to bring you - REPAIR PAL - A site that helps consumers in making sure they are paying a fair price for their repairs and to help them keep track of work done on their vehicle.  Click here or the picture to find out more.






We have implemented a new way that auto quotes can be done.  Now when you click to get a quote the information goes to a secured network that allows us to process the quote through several companies at the same time.  This innovation not only allows us to now quote your auto with several companies at the same time but also greatly speeds up the time it takes to get you a quote. With today's tough economy and everything going up wouldn't it be nice to actually save some money?  Because we can quote you several companies, chances are that we are going to be able to get you a lower insurance price. 


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