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Kidnap and Ransom






Kidnap insurance provides numerous benefits and services to the policy owner and the insured.  Most people believe that kidnap insurance is only a ransom benefit. The following points are highlights of coverage that is offered. 


Crisis Management Services


The Insurance Carrier retains one of the most experienced security firms in the industry,

who respond with immediate deployment. The Crisis Response Team interacts with and

advises the family and/or the business. Members of The Crisis Response Team have diverse backgrounds including military and FBI training and experienced personnel stationed with-in four hours travel time of any spot on Earth!


Accidental Death


Legal Liabilities


Personal Security Consultation


Negotiation Services


Family Counseling


Loss of Ransom in Transit


Medical Services and Emergency Evacuation


Interpretive and Forensic Services


Business Security Consultation


Kidnap, Ransom and Reward Money


Kidnap Outcomes


Most kidnappings are carried out in order to obtain a ransom, and in most cases a ransom is paid.  Rescues are rare, largely because the authorities in most countries recognize that the safety of the victim is paramount. The average percentage of deaths following a kidnap is 9%. In cases involving The Crisis Response Team, less than 2% of people are killed. Killing usually takes place at the time of abduction rather than during the negotiation.


This coverage is offered on a highly “need to know basis” and requires face to face interaction and therefore appointments must be made prior to any discussion of coverage, application and cost.

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