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As a Real Estate broker, you are looking for a “one stop shop” to take care of ALL your insurance needs, and to have a partner to help your business grow.  As an independent insurance agency which represents several carriers, we are able to offer a complete insurance package that very few are able to match.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP):

Oftentimes, Real Estate brokers have not been informed of all the coverage that the BOP affords them.  Listed below are just a few important coverages provided:

Accounts Receivable

General Liability

Property damage

Hired & Non-Owned Auto

Business Income

Valuable papers

Employee Dishonesty


Professional Liability – E&O:

We represent almost every E&O insurance carrier that sells insurance in Texas.  So, we can tell you with great confidence that not all E&O policies are created equal.  The pricing of an E&O policy is not determined by greater or less, or better or worse coverage, but rather the nuances of coverages being offered.  It is important that you understand the different coverages and endorsements offered when shopping for E&O coverage.  Below are some relevant points of discussion when deciding which policy is best for you:

Defense Outside Policy Limits

Property Management

Environmental & Pollutions

Agent Sold Property

Duty to Defend

Punitive Damages


Workers’ Comp

As a Real Estate business owner, it is helpful to know that for insurance purposes, the agents who work for you are treated as independent agents, and not as employees.   However, if you also employ people in other positions such as office assistants, receptionists, computer/web personnel, etc., you will have workers’ comp exposure.  Only workers comp provides coverage if these employees are injured on the job.

General Liability:

If you are doing any type of property management, your real estate agents are likely utilizing handyman or other types of contractors.  If these contracted workers damage property, their liability policy will provide coverage – not yours.  We have a special program for handymen that will provide general liability coverage not only for them, but you as well, and for a very affordable price.

Auto Insurance:

Real Estate agents that work for you are required to carry certain levels of bodily injury and property damage liability on their vehicles.  By representing several insurance carriers that write both personal and commercial auto insurance, we can help you and the Real Estate agents with affordable insurance rates.

Property Insurance:

Helping people buy and sell real estate are your ultimate goals.  With today’s economic market, reaching that goal can be more of a challenge.  We can help!  We offer very affordable insurance for a wide variety of property:

High Value Homes

Old Age Homes

Vacant/Renovated Homes

2-4-6 Month Term Property Policies

Wind/Flood Coverage for Homes

Manufactured Homes

Investment Property in Persons or Business Name

Property Insurance for Nationals


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